Our Barge is 10′ wide and 32′ long. The boom can move 25′ back and forth on the deck and extend out 30′ past the front of the boat. This is one of the biggest portable barges in the area which is able to carry the biggest hoist down the smallest of equipment, yet we are able to pull it with a heavy duty pickup. The boom design allows us to lift boat hoists from the main frame instead of the carriage, which can cause damage to vertical style hoist. 

With the barge we are able to be more efficient while working from the water and prevent damage to your landscape  due to carrying equipment through your yard. With this style barge we are able to maneuver your lake shore equipment with the care it deserves.

We can handle a wide variety of services from the Rec-Tech barge, such as storm damage repair, seasonal installation/removal, getting small equipment to your yard for landscaping or even removing a tree. Feel free to contact us at any time and we will help you cross one more item off your list.   


Rec-Tech Outdoors provides custom manufacturing for all barges as well as a wide variety of other equipment. Our custom manufacturing allows projects to be built to the needs and specifications of each customer from design to completion.