Tips On Choosing a Dock​

  • Find out how long of a dock you would need to get to the depth of water you want
  • Keep in consideration your type of shore line and how much room you have for winter storage
  • What is the lake bottom like (Muddy, Sandy, Hard, Soft)
  • ​Ask yourself what your dream dock is (Patio Size, Shape, Decking,)
  • Now get into contact with us and we will use or expertise to get you the best dock for your needs!

Dock Options

Pier Pleasure Sectional Dock System
Pier Pleasure sectional dock system offers many features and benefits not found in any other dock system. These unique features make them simple to install, level and remove. 

Adjustable legs allow leveling from the top of the dock.

Pier Pleasure Roll-in Dock Systems

Pier Pleasure roll-in dock sections can be customized to have telescoping wheels on each section or have one set of wheels every 32', also there is multiple connection options. This dock is outfitted with Titan decking.

Pier Pleasure E-Dock System

Pier Pleasure E-Dock is exceptionally engineered and economical. The Pier Pleasure E-Dock is their most economical line of dock. It can be customized in any formation with simple connection brackets. 

Hewitt Classic Dock System

The Hewitt Classic dock is a multi functional sectional aluminum dock. This dock can be set up as a post dock, a post dock with wheels or an adjustable screw leg dock with wheels. 


Hewitt Roll-A-Dock has a truss style frame that can span up to 48', as well as many decking options. Great for gradual sloping shorelines.

Wave Armor Floating Dock System 

The Wave Armor floating dock system is the most advance wave dock in the industry today. Wave dock sections are infinitely modular, assemble quickly, and offer a solid connection platform with just the right mix of rigidity and flexibility.


Tonka style dock systems are a time-tested dock that has been in the industry for over 35 years. This is the strongest dock in the docking industry. Installation and removal requires a float, dock jack and a pipe puller. All the work can be performed from the top of the dock.