Tips On Choosing a Lift

  • Determine the dry weight of your watercraft. (Correct Weight is very important when choosing a Lift)
  • Figure the Fuel Capacity and Multiply it by 8
  • Estimate the gear in the boat when being stored on the lift
  • Calculate total weight by adding together the three numbers
  • The next step is to measure the beam
  • Now contact us with the gathered information and we will get you set up with the best lift that will meet your expectations

Boat Hoist Options

Pier Pleasure Vertical Boat Hoist

Pier Pleasure vertical lifts are ideal for applications where the water level changes drastically and where maximum clearance is needed. Our direct vertical rise of 66 inches allows you to keep your boat high and dry without continually moving and adjusting your lift.

Pier Pleasure Hydraulic Boat Hoist 

Press a button on your wireless remote control. Seconds later your boat is in the water and ready to go. With a reliable, rugged and extremely easy to operate Pier Pleasure Hydraulic Boat Lift, you’ll never hesitate to use your boat again.

Pier Pleasure Canopy

Protect your investment and add a Pier Pleasure canopy to your boat hoist. Pier Pleasure canopies have a clean peek style canopy. The canopy ends are adjustable for making the canvas install/removal faster and easier. For board tower boats add the canopy skirts for full coverage on your boat.

Hewitt Vertical Boat Hoist

Hewitt hi-Lift vertical boat hoist have 54″ of travel. They are ideal on lakes were the water level changes a lot in a season. Hewitt vertical hoist range from 1100# PWC – 10,000# capacities.

Hewitt hydraulic boat lift 

The ultimate for speed, convenience and lifting capacity. Hewitt hydraulic lifts offer the push-button convenience and remote control operation of our standard cantilever hydraulic models, plus faster cycle times and higher capacities.

Hewitt Cantilever Boat Lift

Cantilever lifts have a long history of trouble free performance. They require fewer moving parts. When the lift is in the raised position, the cable carry no weight the boat is supported entirely by the frame. Hewitt also offers them in hydraulic models.

WavePort PWC

WavePort is an excellent candidate for PWC. WavePorts are unsinkable and maintenance free. WavePorts come in two sizes standard and deluxe models they include two guide rollers for perfect watercraft alignment.

Hewitt Canopy Options

Hewitt has a few canopy options, standard, board tower and peek roof canopies. They are offered in vinyl and seamark canvases.